The thermometer is rising and the sun is staying out longer. Iced tea and watermelon have replaced hearty soups and hot chocolate. Summer is here. Just as your wardrobe goes lighter, so should your home. Here are a few suggestions that are easy and affordable.

Change fabrics. It’s time to put away that plushy throw and those heavy upholstery decorative pillows. Instead, think “light, airy, and fresh.” Some slipcovers in cotton or linen will give that sofa an instant summer makeover. If you have heavy drapes on your window, consider taking them down and putting them away for the summer. Finding affordable window coverings is easier than you think. Clearance sales, outlet stores, even Goodwill may offer inexpensive curtains.

Going with lighter and brighter colors will awaken your home. Add a bowl of fruit on the table for a punch of color. Paint your walls, perhaps in a bright green or soft yellow. It’s inexpensive, relatively easy, and can be changed as many times as you want.

Bring the outdoors in with live plants. Growing herbs in your kitchen not only looks good, they also add flavor to those light dishes you’re preparing. Fresh flowers in a clear glass jar or vase also add a nice touch of summer.

For some people nothing says summer like a nautical theme. Seashells, starfish, or even a jar filled with sand or sea glass will evoke a summer beach house vibe. A color scheme of blues and whites also add a clean, beachy look.

For the bathroom, add some white towels for a clean fresh look. While you’re at it, you might even change the bathroom accessories as well for an easy and affordable summer makeover.

Decluttering your home will give it an instant facelift. Clear off your kitchen counters. Put away that stack of magazines on your coffee table. Find another place for those items you normally leave lying around. You would be amazed at the difference it makes.

Change up your bedding. No need to go all out. Just add some crisp white pillowcases to your existing sheets or swap out a brighter comforter for the current one. Add a cheerful decorative pillow or two.

The options to liven up your home for the summer are endless, limited only by your imagination. Have fun experimenting with new looks. Your eyes will thank you for the little changes.