1. A Photo Booth.

A photo booth is a fun inexpensive thing to add to your block party. You can make your own out of a large sheet of cardboard, or use an old photo frame. If you opt to make your own frame, all you will need is a sheet of cardboard, a marker, and a sharp blade. For added fun, Decorate the frame, bring props, or find some free printable accessories or create your own and attach them to sticks. This is a fun way to photograph your neighbors and make lasting memories.

2. Sponge Dodgeball.

Sponge Dodgeball is another way to put a fun twist on a block party. This is a simple and fun even to add to a block party. Get some sponges without an abrasive side and set out several buckets full of water, throw the sponges in to soak up the water and you're ready to go. Split yourselves into teams, either two, or several teams and work your way down into a championship game. All the fun of dodgeball without any of the bloody noses or awful red marks that those hard rubber balls leave.

3. Water Bottle Bowling.

Water bottle bowling is a fun way to add some indoor activities to your outdoor get together. Make lanes out of pool noodles, use water bottles and add glow sticks for the evening, or coloring for daytime for the pins and a rubber ball for the bowling ball. A dry erase board will make scorekeeping easier. Create teams, elect a scorekeeper and have bowl away. A trophy could also be made for the winning team.

4. An Obstacle Course.

An obstacle course is a fun way to get people moving. Inflatable obstacle courses are very popular, but you could also set up your own with a little work. Set it up, in whatever would work best for the neighborhood. An even mix of easy and difficult, or two separate courses, would be a good way to make it so adults and children alike can enjoy the event.

5. A Decorating Contest and Parade.

A bike decorating contest and parade. Fun for kids and adults, get your bike, decorate it according to your parties theme and ride it through a designated area. Several awards could be awarded. This is also something that could be done ahead of time and that could also be done in groups if so included. A variation of this could also be dressing up your pets or decorating posters for advertisement.