Given the warm weather and longer days, summer is the perfect time to get outside and complete some easy projects. Not only are outdoor projects fun, but they will give your exterior areas a great look for months to come! In order to give you some ideas, below are four easy outdoor projects to complete this summer!

Mason Jar Lights

Since summer is the time when we tend to invite family and friends over for cookouts, it is important that you have some form of outdoor lighting for when the sun starts to set.

One great way to add outdoor lighting involves purchasing a dozen mason jars and filling each with a small LED light. Once you have filled each jar with a light, punch a small hole in the jar's lid and attach a string. By doing this, you will have a consistent light source that you can essentially hang anywhere!

Coffee Cup Bird Feeder

While birds can be quite noisy in the morning, they are always a welcome addition to your yard in the summer months. If you are looking to attract more, consider building this simple bird feeder.

Start by hot gluing a board or other flat surface to the side of coffee cup opposite of the handle. Then, attach a string or small chain to the handle and hang from a tree branch. After filling the cup with seed, you will immediately notice birds from all around flocking to your yard!

Painted Patio

Given that your concrete patio will be a popular location during the summer months, consider giving it a unique paint job. Whether you are a fan of wild colors or looking for something more conservative, there are a wide array of painted designs you can apply to your patio in order to spice things up!

Homemade Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great way to get people outside even after the summer months have passed. While fire pits can be pricey at the local home improvement store, they are very easy to build on your own.

Start by acquiring 30 bricks and a simple concrete mixture. Arrange the bricks in a square shape and secure using the concrete. Be sure to leave ample space for firewood to be placed in the middle. After completing your fire pit, buy a pack of hot dogs and invite some friends over; it's time to celebrate!